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To feel confident in real estate investment, you need to trust your connections. That’s why iCap Equity is designed to be the perfect partner for conscientious investors. Our deep relationships within the construction and real estate industries form a strong foundation from which we can design, plan, and execute investment vehicles with a high degree of conviction.

Our model is to be forthright and transparent with our investment partners. That’s just the way we work.  We have an investor relations team that helps you get up to speed, then keeps you in the know once you’re on-board. As an investor, you’ll get monthly statements and frequent fund reporting about how we’re managing your project and when you can expect to see a return.


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Annual audits by PricewaterhouseCoopers demonstrate integrity isn’t just a word to us. It is only through our reputation for thoroughness and integrity that these investments are even possible – allowing investors like you access to a world where your investments are literally on solid ground.


“The three things I need in an investment partner are integrity, communication, and accountability, and the iCap team delivers all three.”

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Cash Equity Investments Made To Date

iCap carefully reviews each investment and offers superior protection to investors, lenders, and sponsors.  Each investment is reviewed and approved by iCap’s investment committee.

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Number of Properties Invested To Date

iCap invests into many projects to diversify its portfolio.  The strategy of investing in many properties is just one of the many exceptional risk controls provided to investors.

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Total Number of Investors To Date

iCap values every one of its investors and is committed to foster and strengthen the relationship as we grow together.



If you are interested in learning more about our Fund offerings, please reach out to our Investor Relations team via email or phone.